Where will you be in 5 or 10 years from now?  Think about it.

Still living as you’ve always lived in the Past?  Or will your Future look like the life you’ve always dreamed of?

It’s your choice and ONLY your choice!!!

Complete the box and then click the bottom as indicated so you can start your journey to building the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Just make sure that you write down somewhere the name of this website: www.startlivingnow.com.au


Because as soon as you click the button to request information, you’ll lose the page.  And since, more than likely, you “stumbled” upon my website, you well have forgotten the name of the site.  OK?

Not only that, but you might also want to re-read some of what you read or perhaps read some of the other material you didn’t get a chance to read.

We’ll phone you within 2 working days for a short interview.

What we have is not for everyone.  We’re not looking for anyone.

We are looking for associates who

  • have a desire to help others;
  • want to live a life of abundance;
  • think big; and
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit.

A quick summary of the benefits of our business:

  • We’re in the Personal Development Industry, a multi-billion dollar industry;
  • All you need is a laptop, phone and, of course, that desire to succeed;
  • A simple 3-step system;
  • A very attractive compensation plan;
  • Work when you want to, part-time or full-time;
  • No selling is required;
  • No cold calling;
  • No hassling your friends and family;
  • This business is not MLM;
  • No warehousing of stock nor need for staff;
  • Completely portable;
  • A business in which you work FOR yourself but not BY yourself.

Alexander (Alex) van Hooft
Mobile: +61 414 639 229
Email: am.unlimited@bigpond.com


0414 639 229

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I worked in commission sales for over 10 years. My income was halved again, so I went on search for a Home Based Business of my own, to be in total control my finances forever. My record month so far is $50,796 USD. I’ve finally left my full time job and now work my own hours around my 3 kids from home!

Adam B.
Gold Coast QLD